Palms Building Purchase

The Palms Building Purchase

– Ensuring Educational Excellence for Future Generations

| By: Gary Hale

Palms Building Purchase

The Palms Christian School, with an enrollment of nearly 500 students, is purchasing its rented facility in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic, ensuring future generations the opportunity to study in a loving environment dedicated to molding future leaders and equipping students with a quality bilingual education, a Christian worldview, and the English needed to succeed in the global workplace.

The Palm’s property is nearly 5,500 mt2 and has several educational buildings, a swimming pool and recreational area. The purchase price is $660,000, but the property is currently valued at 1.5 million.

We have until September 30, 2016 to raise the downpayment (20%) in order to purchase the facility.

Now here is where it gets good

A private donor has offered a matching grant of up to $75,000 for money raised! That’s right – every dollar given will be doubled up to $75,000. Any money raised over our goal will go toward lessening the burden of the Dominican bank loan, which will finance the rest of the purchase.

We can do this with your help!