As part of the cultural fabric of the Dominican Republic, baseball plays an important role in the life of the Dominican family. It is commonly understood that baseball is “not just a game, it is life.” The DR Vision is using the passion for the game to open doors for the gospel and introduce players and families to the local church. Currently, nearly 125 baseball players play in one of the ministry’s leagues. Additionally, the ministry has had opportunities to conduct baseball chapels with a few of the local Major League academies.

A future, three-field baseball complex on the 46 acres of land outside the city will allow for much needed expansion and the additional start-up of a girl’s softball program. By providing good instruction by Christian coaches, who are part of the local church (IBEM), the ministry is able to maintain a competitive program and teach players ages 6-18 life lessons and core values such as respect for God, parents, authority, and each other.

The future complex will sit across the street from the Atlanta Braves, Milwaukee Brewers, Toronto Blue Jays and Detroit Tigers baseball academies, providing another great opportunity for ministry impact. As part of the ministry objective, the DR Vision will offer a Christian educational program to these academies and others, in order to help Dominican professional players finish their high school education while they begin their professional careers in the baseball academies. Often these players have already quit high school in their early teens. A recent survey at one of the academies revealed only four players out of 40 had completed a high school education. Further, most of the signed players have no understanding of English or American culture, providing another opportunity for the DR Vision to build relationships and make a significant impact on these young players who are desiring to play baseball in the United States.

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