As part of the educational objective of the DR Vision, The Palms offers a bilingual, Christian education in the elementary grades, middle school, and starting in 2014, The Palms began high school. The Palms is well positioned to meet a growing cultural demand for education in English. Further, the Christian-based, broad curriculum offerings (the arts, sciences, etc.) will help establish the Palms as a leader in Christian education. The Palms is not only an evangelistic ministry to families, but is also a discipleship ministry helping to shape the biblical worldview of today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders.

The history of The Palms Christian School is one of remarkable growth and continued blessing from the Lord. In September 2009, The Palms began with 39 students in grades up to fourth grade. The plan has been to add a grade level each year and to add multiple classes at the lower levels. With enrollment growing to 92 students the following year, The Palms began to pray about a larger facility to house the rapidly expanding school. In 2011, The Palms was able to rent a much larger facility in the middle of the city which allowed its enrollment to grow to 215. In 2012, the enrollment reached 285, with students in pre-kinder through seventh grade. There is a large waiting list of students that want to get into the school. While the school is initially renting inside the city of San Pedro de Macorís, the future goal is to purchase a property in the city for the elementary and build a first-class facility for the middle and high schools on the 46 acres of ministry property (Visionland) just outside the city. These facilities will allow for future growth and development with a target enrollment of nearly 1,000 students. Qualified, Christian educators, both teachers and administrators, are needed to teach and work in English. To find out more information, please contact us today.