The DR Vision recognizes that to significantly impact the country, there is a need for a Christian college that goes beyond merely training pastors. While not minimizing that important task, the future college will also seek to help the local church by preparing young professionals to be productive citizens, involved members and catalysts in ministry through their future local churches. Unfortunately, the Dominican Republic is in a crisis-state in the area of Christian leadership. All too often, the country’s “best and brightest” leave the Dominican Republic to train at Christian universities in the United States, often never to return to work in ministry in the Dominican Republic. The DR Vision seeks to offer Dominican students and international students a viable, competitive alternative in Christian college education. By retaining some of the country’s best students, coupled with international students that will also come to the college, the future Christian college will be instrumental in training up ministry and lay leadership for Latin America. Qualified, Christian professors and administrators are needed for future growth. To find out more information, please contact us today.